10% of the ZRF token will be allocated for our bounty program for the community engagement.

These bounties would be activated at different stages of our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and would engage members of the community throughout the period of our ICO. These bounties are automatically distributed immediately after the completion of its requirements.




Airdrop Round 1

Airdrop Round 1 starts 22 - 26 August 2018

  • Follow our social media handles TWITTER, MEDIUM & TELEGRAM to earn 50,000 Zorff Token (ZRF)

  • Retweet or repost our airdrop pinned posts, use hashtags #zorff #zorffpay #zorfftoken #crypto #blockchain #eth and a link to our website: and comment your telegram id to earn 50,000 ZRF tokens.

At this stage 510,000,000 ZRF tokens will be given out for free and will last for 5 days.

Airdrop Round 2

  • Here community members are rewarded for rebroadcasting of our posts on official social accounts; TWITTER (@ZorffPay), BITCOINTALK & MEDIUM (@ZorffPay)etc. Successful participants randomly chosen by our team shall be rewarded with 100,000 ZRF.

100,000,000 ZRF will be given out.

Airdrop Round 3

  • The last airdrop is just a simple task. Our ICO participants get 200,000 ZRF extra on every investment made with 0.01 ETH and above.

Be reminded, participating in Airdrop Round 1 & 2, your are required to provide us with your ETH address for distribution of Zorff Token Airdrop when due.

The remainder of Zorff Token Airdrop will be burnt after ICO.



How can I take part in the crowd sale offering of Zorff?

Zorff asset can be purchased for ETH through our website sale portal, up until the closure of crowdsale or the reaching of hard cap target. Visit how to buy for more details(how to buy).

Which countries may participate in the Zorff offering?

Citizens of all countries may participate with the exception of Iran, Sudan, Syria and other countries with restrictions on cryptocurrency.

Will Zorff and other assets be trading on mainstream exchanges?

Digital asset created by Zorff will be compliant with ERC20 and other mainstream standards where possible, and can thus be traded on secondary exchanges. We are in the process of reaching out to several exchanges to ensure liquidity on secondary markets is available before the launch of our trading platform.

How can I get in contact?

You can contact any member of our team individually or the administrative team through:



Feel free to leave us a comment on the