Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This document is for information purposes only, and is not an offer or a call to sell stocks or securities on the Zorff platform, or that of any other related or associated company.

User Acknowledgements

User acknowledges, understands, and agrees that Zorff assets are not physical securities and are not registered with any government entity as a security, and shall not be considered as such. ZRF and other tokens derived from Zorff platform do not provide a guarantee of future returns.

The ZRF tokens will facilitate distribution of all profits made by the Trading Platform. However Zorff cannot guarantee the profitability of the exchange. Changes in market conditions and unforeseen circumstances may change the profitability of the venture.

Risks associated with Ethereum Zorff assets and other tokens will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, any failure or malfunctioning of the Ethereum protocol may lead to the trading network of ZRF tokens not working as expected.

Regulatory Uncertainty

Blockchain technologies are subject to supervision and control by various regulatory bodies around the world. Zorff tokens may fall under one or more requests or actions on their part, including but not limited to restrictions imposed on the use or possession of digital tokens such as Zorff assets, which may slow or limit the functionality or repurchase of ZRF or other tokens in the future.

Quantum computers

Technical innovations, like the development of quantum computers, may pose a danger to cryptocurrencies, including Zorff tokens.

Risk of losing funds

Funds collected in fundraising are in no way insured. If they are lost or lose their value, there is no private or public insurance representative that buyers can reach out to.

Returning funds

If a campaign does not end successfully, or is cancelled by its creator, or by moderators, the funds are automatically returned to the wallets of those users who transferred funds to the wallet of the campaign.

Risks of new technologies

Zorff assets and other tokens are a new and relatively untested technology. In addition to the risks mentioned in this document, there are certain additional risks that the team of the Zorff platform cannot foresee. These risks may manifest themselves in other forms of risk than those specified herein.


All information contained here within is provided for general information purposes only, and is intended to present a guide to the decentralised services which may be provided by Zorff in future.

Nothing published in this document is intended to be:

  • Legal, financial, professional, tax or other advice;
  • A recommendation to undertake (or to cease undertaking) any action whatsoever;
  • An advertisement, solicitation or legal offer;
  • An offer or a call to buy